[News] Ultra V launches new ‘Idebenone Exo Gold Mask’

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작성자 ultrav 작성일23-04-11 10:01 조회677회


Ultra V released a gold anti-aging mask pack containing idebenone antioxidant.


Ultra V Idebenone Exo Gold Mask


[Discovery News = Hyangmi Woo] Biomedical beauty group UltraV (CEO Han-Jin Kwon) announced on the 11th that it had newly launched a hydrogel face mask containing idebenone.


‘Idebenone Gold Exo Mask’, introduced as the first new product this spring, contains 24K gold ingredients along with idebenone, a key ingredient of Ultra V and a representative antioxidant.


In addition, it is a dual functional product that is effective for brightening and wrinkle improvement as it contains glutathione and niacinamide and adenosine, which are functional ingredients certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


An Ultra V official said, "It contains exosomes, 5 types of hyaluronic acid, PDRN, collagen, aloe vera leaf extract, green tea extract, hibiscus flower extract, etc. to help soothe and moisturize, and quickly penetrate the active ingredients into the skin. You can manage skin's moisture and smoothness,' he said.


In addition, it is characterized by a hydrogel made by hardening only 100% of highly concentrated pure essence without using non-woven fabric or mesh. It adheres elastically to the face without lifting or gaps, and can be used without falling or flowing down even when moving. It is a skin temperature-sensitive type that prevents moisture from evaporating to the outside, and nourishing active ingredients are absorbed into the skin more quickly and efficiently.


The product can be purchased through the Ultra V official mall and consists of 5 sheets per box. To commemorate the launch of the new product, we plan to offer a 5% discount when signing up as a member by April 30.​ "​