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작성자 ultrav 작성일23-04-19 10:00 조회857회


"Bio-medical beauty group UltraV (CEO Han-Jin Kwon) announced on the 19th that they had a cosmetic photo shoot with Seongdong Welfare Center for the Disabled in celebration of the upcoming Day of the Disabled.


'Precious me, Blooming dreams' pictorial. / Photo courtesy of Ultra V


On April 20th, on the Day of Persons with Disabilities, Ultra V conducted a photo shoot with the theme of 'Precious Me, Blooming dreams' to improve awareness and prejudice against people with disabilities.


'Precious me, Blooming dreams' contains the meaning of supporting beautiful dreams to bloom preciously, overcoming the prejudice and discomfort of disability. On this day, six people, including a visually impaired person, participated in the photo shoot. In particular, the meaning was even more special as there was a disabled person who appeared as a model for the first photo shoot.


A person in charge of Ultra V said, "There are still many people who view people with disabilities with uncomfortable eyes, but I hope this perception will change a lot. I hope you will support the good influence to those who want to achieve their dreams," he said. "We plan to continue promoting events to improve awareness with disabled models.


'Precious me, Blooming dreams' / Photo courtesy of Ultra V


An official from the Seongdong Welfare Center for the Disabled said, "As anyone can dream, we hope for interest from many companies and organizations so that we can spread our dreams without giving up due to disability and prejudice."


The products taken with the disabled model are Ultra V's representative products, Idebenone Ampoule, Idebenone Cream, and Aqua Shine Mask Pack. This pictorial can be found on Ultra V's official SNS and product promotion.​ "​