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[Discovery News = Reporter Myung-soo Lee ] Bio-medical beauty group UltraV (CEO
  Han-Jin Kwon) announced on the 9th that it held the Nees International Seminar for local doctors in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Seminar, held for the first time in three years since 2019 due to COVID-19, was held in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan, for two days from the 1st. On this day, it consisted of theoretical lectures on Korea's latest cosmetic medical technology, live demonstrations, and hands-on training sessions, with more than 400 local doctors attending.

The medical technology that surprised Pakistani medical staff at the lecture was the world's first PDO skin booster, 'ULTRACOL'. Ultracol is a microsphere biostimulator made of FDA-approved ingredient  PDO (POLYDIOXANONE) that promotes the production of self-collagen by foreign body reaction and is then decomposed to have an effect of improving wrinkles.

In particular, it was developed using only domestic technology and was the first polymer filler to receive the IR52 Jang Young-sil Award and the Korea Excellent Patent Award for its unique technology and also acquired Europe's CE certification.

In fact, Korea's excellent non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become a trend, creating a boom in the new Korean wave of beauty in the global market. Leading the K-beauty craze, it was a place to look at UltraCol's clinical trial results, treatment cases, and technology trends.

An Ultra V official said "Practical techniques were generously spread through the lecture" and the attending physicians said, "I received a great response with the evaluation that I was able to learn innovative know-how, such as solving practical questions and acquiring the latest knowledge”.

Han-Jin Kwon, CEO and K-beauty pioneer, said, "I haven't been able to visit Pakistan for three years due to COVID-19, we plan to increase opportunities to interact with each other as the global beauty market and the COVID-19 situation gradually recover. We will think about and work on ways to more effectively deliver the latest cosmetic medical technology to patients”.

On the other hand, the latest beauty medical technology centered on UltraCol, which was developed for the first time in the world by CEO Han-Jin Kwon, is in the limelight beyond Korea and Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. We are distributing technologies domestic and foreign markets around the world while fulfilling our schedule.​"