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[Discovery News = Reporter Myung-soo Lee ] Bio-medical beauty group UltraV (CEO
  Han-Jin Kwon) is about to enter the European market. Two types of products, ‘Idebenone Signature Ampoule’ and ‘Ultracol Ampoule’ were registered with the European CPNP last month, for a total of six registered after four products were also registered last year.

CPNP registration is a cosmetic safety approval system run by the European Union (EU) and is an essential factor for entering the European market.

It conducts product formulations, safety tests for all ingredients, and microbiological tests. Not only is it strict and demanding because it meets the cosmetics regulatory standards of countries before joining Europe, but it is also recognized for its quality and safety.

A company official said, "After completing product registration with the European CPNP, we plan to sell 'Idebenone Signature Ampoule' and 'Ultracol Ampoule' through online and offline channels in France and Greece."

Idebenone Signature Ampoule, the representative ingredient of Ultra V is a product containing idebenone, which is known as a powerful anti-aging product. In the case of Ultracol Ampoule, when the skin barrier is broken due to external irritation or trouble, it quickly recovers and improves skin regeneration and condition to the best. In particular, Ultracol Ampoule is very popular in Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan.

An official from Ultra V said, “The reaction and interest in the ampoule were high in France and Greece, so we entered the market ahead of time, and based on this, we plan to expand our distribution network throughout Europe. As for idebenone, there is no other ingredient that is attracting attention overseas or there is no brand or product that stands out, so we will be able to increase our competitiveness..”

Meanwhile, Ultra V registered 4 products Idebenone Ampoule, Idebenone Cream, Bio BF Ampoule, and Bio BF Cream with European CPNP last year. In addition, it has now entered overseas markets such as China, Japan, Asia, Southeast Asia, and North America, and it is said that it will speed up its entry into Europe based on the additional product registration of CPNP in Europe.​